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I have been a corporate, international, location photographer for 30 years. A majority of my clients have been in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields.

Since 2001 I have also devoted my energies to the issues of world-wide health care, particularly those regarding women’s reproductive healthcare. I have documented projects in Bangladesh and Tanzania for EngenderHealth (supported by a grant from the Packard Foundation), and family planning projects in Guatemala for UNFPA, a microfinance projects in Ghana as well involving reproductive health care in Ghana for WomensTrust, and numerous projects in Ghana, China, Mongolia and Thailand for the Global Fund for Women.

Also, I have documented diabetes prevention programs for Pfizer along the Mexican American border, malaria prevention in Ghana in concurrence with Pfizer and Family Health International, and River Blindness clinical trials in association with Wyeth and WHO.

Under the medical stories and non-profit links on my portfolio page, you will discover numerous patient testimonial photographs for most of the major pharmaceutical corporations, as well as for health delivery institutions such as the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Stanford University. Physicians, research scientists , professors, and donors are part of this mix as well.

Please examine my portfolio to see many examples of my work as a International Human Rights Photographer as well as in many other fields. You will also find some of my personal work on the web site; in particular numerous landscapes, from Bhutan and Indochina.






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