Corporate Responsibility

A brief explanation of the projects:

Novartis: I documented their Malaria Initiative, which included the entire supply chain, from the harvesting of Artemisinin and production of the raw material in China to the malaria treatment of patients in Kenya and Thailand, researchers in Singapore, manufacture in New York State, and the distribution of Coartem in Basel, the drug derived from Artemisinin.

Merck: I documented the pre-natal and reproductive health care programs in the slums of Baltimore, emphasizing the difficult living environment.

Wyeth: Documenting Alzheimer patients and the family members who do their best to care for them.


Pfizer: Documenting the health care initiative along the Mexican American border, where obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are of epidemic proportions.

Schwab Foundation: Drug rehabilitation and early childhood education were the emphasis of their programs.

Kibera: Kibera, located in Nairobi Kenya,  is the largest slum in sub-Saharan Africa. I was there for several projects including Novartis Malaria Initiative, Management Sciences for Health documenting AIDS treatment, and Planned Parenthood documenting reproductive health. I was taken aback by the living conditions. Later, at a conference, I asked the head of the Gates Foundation if they had any ideas on how to improve the lives of people living in the slums, which were growing in population at a very alarming rate. They had no answer.