Touring with Blurb

Capital of Hope

Capital of Hope

Blurb, the popular web site that developed a creative, easy-to-use  service that can turn anyone into a book publisher, recently notified me that they were going to be attending the annual HOW Design Conference. Even better, they wanted to showcase my recently completed book, Capital of Hope, as an example of what  can be done using the new PDF to Book workflow service at

The How Design Conference is attended by thousands and is a terrific venue to share my work with other design and photography professionals. As Blurb informed me, they will be “promoting me and the great book I’ve created” to the legions of people who will be attending the show and who will be inquiring about the Blurb service.

All of this is possible with many thanks to the book designer, Paul Pruneau of Teamworks Communications, Inc. who helped me bring this project to life with the Blurb service. I look forward to hearing from any of you who attend the conference and happen to see Capital of Hope in the Blurb booth.

If you would like a preview of the book, just contact me for an edited PDF file of Capital of Hope. You can turn the pages of this PDF file just by using your right and left arrow keys.


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